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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Casual EDC Goer

So, you have plans to go to EDC?? Or you already have your ticket?? Congrats!!! It will be an absolutely amazing weekend!! If you're like me, EDC seems just around the corner and deciding what to wear needs to be decided asap! Say though, you aren't the lingerie, bikini, tutu, leg-warmers, kinda girl. You're the casual, fun and cute girl ready for an amazing time!! It's smart to dress in something comfortable to EDC. You will be walking a lot, there will be thousands of people, you might want to go on rides, and being comfortable and feeling confident are both very important! I want to give you some cute and perfect EDC outfit ideas for you, if you are more this style of a rave goer!

First, pick a tank top or cute shirt! Loose fitting shirts with cute and fun graphics are perfect for EDC. Here are a few of my favorite's, at great prices and all available online! CLICK HERE for the tops!

Next, you need a cute pair of denim shorts. Lots of different styles are very popular and trendy right now. I love dip-dye shorts with an ombre look! Pastel shorts are perfect and you can choose your favorite color. Floral print shorts are also very trendy and would look cute with any of the tops above, I think the pastel yellow Peace Sign top would look really cute with some floral print shorts!
CLICK HERE to buy any of these shorts!!!

I'm obsessed with these shorts! They are a stretchy denim, so they are very comfortable. And the pockets make any butt look amazing ;) These shorts would be perfect for your EDC outfit.

Ok seriously, how cute are these!? Suspenders are very trendy, and these suspender shorts would be perfect for EDC. They would go great with any of the tops shown above. These shorts would also look really good with a crop top! I'll show you more styles like that in another post. But for this post, we will stick to the more comfy, casual and cute EDC outfit look!

These floral shorts are adorable, stylish, trendy and totally comfortable! They are made from cotton and spandex, so they are stretchy and soft. Pair these with a cute white tank or the yellow one shown above :) Really, these shorts would look cute with a purple, red or pink tank top too! 

Last but not least, accessories are a must for EDC!!! Sunglasses are the perfect accessory! They are cute, fun, and you will probably be there when the sun is still out, so why not lol! These are my absolutely favorite sunglasses! They are super cute and I love the little bow detail!

CLICK HERE to buy the sunglasses !!!

I hope this post has helped you decide what to wear to EDC! I hope it has given you some great ideas while putting together your casual and cute edc outfit! EDC 2013 is only 3 months away, so plan ahead! If you are going all 3 nights, I recommend a different outfit each night! All of the things I have shown above are very affordable so you can buy a few pieces and mix and match for your fun weekend in Las Vegas. Be sure to check out my past blog post of edc outfit and edc costume ideas, what to wear to edc, what to wear to a rave, learn all about rave dresses and more!!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Chevron Trend

My Sexy Boutique is extremely excited to announce that we now offer trendy clothing, along with our clubwear, rave wear, dancewear, sexy Halloween costumes, swimsuits, bikinis and more! We are officially your one stop shop!! I am loving the popular trends and fashions this year and another one of my favorite looks is the chevron trend! Who ever thought of this and made it popular is my new best friend :) The design is very flattering, and can be made sexy or cute! Always stylish and extremely trendy, I'm going to share with you our new Black & White Chevron Maxi Skirt / Dress and how to wear it 3 different ways!!

The Chevron Maxi Dress

This versatile maxi dress / skirt is only $39.99 !! It is perfect for spring and summer, and not to mention comfortable, flattering and down right cute! If you're trying to achieve a look that is cute, trendy and still sexy, THIS IS IT!!!!  The great thing about black and white is you can accessorize SO many ways. I love mint, so I pared this chevron maxi dress with my favorite pair of mint wedges and an adorable mint bracelet and diamond bow bracelet.  The top of the dress as a wide band that is doubled over, so it is not at all see through and this dress can be worn alone without anything underneath and you will still be well covered ;) 

The High Waisted Chevron Maxi Skirt

This time, I just folded down the wide band at the top of the maxi skirt to make it a little bit shorter and wore it like a high waisted skirt. I love corals and oranges, so I paired it with an orange tank and strappy wedges. To make sure that you didn't see the orange tank through the lower part of the maxi skirt, I rolled my tank up as well and kept it tucked in. I also just got this adorable coral "LOVE" wrap around bracelet, and it looks so cute with this outfit and is only $14.95 !

At The Hips

Black and white is classic and timeless, so for this look I chose to stick to the theme, and I LOVE it!! Just like the look before, I folded over the wide band at the top of the maxi skirt and pulled it down to my hips. Skirts, jeans, and shorts are very flattering on your body if they sit right on your hips. It makes you appear thinner and gives your curves a smooth shape :) I paired this chevron maxi skirt with my favorite, classic black tank that has cute lace trim and a cute pair of black wedges. This outfit is perfect for spring, summer, date night, lunch date, traveling, you name it! I promise you will get compliments after compliments in any of these outfit choices! And the best part about it, you get multiple outfits for $39.99 !! 

I hope you love chevron print items as much as I do! Be sure to get your hands on this adorable and versatile chevron maxi skirt / dress and add it to your summer wardrobe!! CLICK HERE to buy it now!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Skater Skirt Dress

The new dresses will be completely added to my site by the end of the week, and will be ready to ship the first of March :) Feel free to order now and they will be shipped first thing when they arrive!

I seriously LOVE all of their new dresses, but one especially spoke to me, so I felt like I had to share it with you all! The other day, my husband got me a black skater skirt for a Valentine's Day gift. I immediately fell in love with it! It's so flattering and cute and I got a ton of compliments! So when I saw that one of these new dresses was a skater skirt style dress I went ga-ga over it lol! What makes it even better, is that the top half of the dress is the style of one of my favorite bodysuits! Seriously, two of my favorite pieces in one adorable dress! Heaven :)

The skater skirt is flowy, very fashionable and feminine. Bodysuits are also very trendy and stylish right now, and I think they are here to stay for awhile (or at least I hope so, I love them!) This skater skirt dress by Forplay features a center mesh strip and full mesh back for a pop of sexiness mixed in with the cute look of the skirt.

I'll take one in all 3 colors please!!!

I hope you adore this dress as much as I do!!! Happy shopping beautifuls!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Roma Costume Rave Wear / Dancewear

I am SO excited about this new collection from Roma Costume that came out about a week ago!! (Feb.2013) I really think they nailed this new line on the head! The styles, material, patterns, accessories, everything is just amazing! Roma Costume is a company that makes all of their products here in the USA. I think that their line is priced pretty well. It isn't super cheap, but it's not super expensive either. And the quality is top notch! I'm seriously obsessed with so many of their new outfits, it's hard to narrow it down to my favorites, but I will try lol! One thing that I really like about their dancewear and rave wear line this year is that the bottoms to all of their outfits have full bottoms and most of them have the scrunch back bottoms. I was not really digging the thong bottoms they had for a lot of their products last year. I mean ya it's sexy, but I don't know too many girls who want to wear a thong to the pool or a rave!!! ;) These Roma Costume dancewear outfits are versatile too! All of the outfits are made as bikinis or monokinis. But they double up as dancwear outfits or a rave outfit! If you're wondering what to wear to a rave, pick ANY of these sexy bikinis or outfits!

Lets start off with these sexy bikinis by Roma Costume

Ok seriously, aren't these sexy bikinis amazing?! These bikinis are pictured more as dancewear or rave outfits, but of course you can wear just the bikini and it'd be perfect for your pool or beach party! There are also different styles of these sexy bikinis. The first Rainbow Scrunch Back Sexy Bikini has the classic triangle halter top and side tie scrunch back bikini bottoms. The sexy Pink Leopard Print Sexy Bikini is really flattering! I like the wide bands at the bottom of the cups and the little booty shorts bottoms. I wanted you to see how totally cute and sexy the back of these bikinis are, and I adore this bright Lime Green Sequin Sexy Bikini, and I LOVE scrunch back bottoms! All of these have the scrunch back :) The last Pink Swirl Sexy Bikini has super cute o ring details on the halter top and bottoms! These are just four of the colors and patterns to choose from, there are seriously SO so so many to choose from! What else is absolutely amazing about this Roma Costume collection are the matching leg thigh wraps! They are 100" long and come in all of the colors that the bikinis come in. Mix and match or be matchy matchy. Either way they are sexy as hell! With the Rainbow Sexy Bikini they took the leg wraps and wrapped them around their fluffies or leg warmers, I think this idea is genius and totally cute! Roma Costume also has every color of leg warmer imaginable! Mix and match these too to make your own unique outfit. If you are wondering what to wear to a rave, what to wear to EDC, or if you need a sexy bikini for your summer vacation, or beach or pool party, I promise you you will find one you love from this collection. To view the entire line, CLICK HERE !!! :)

As if these sexy bikinis couldn't get any better...
You can get a matching mini skirt for any of them!!!
CLICK HERE to buy these totally sexy 5" pleated mini skirts!!!

Monokini's and Rompers !!!!

Monokini's are my new favorite thing!!! I think they are so sexy, but they are also a great alternative to the basic bikini because they hide just a little extra skin if you like to be covered up a little more but still look sexy. These are just 4 of the styles of monokinis the Roma Costume line has to offer. There are SO many styles and colors and patterns. And all of them are so cute! I don't know how to choose just one or my absolute favorite. They're all cool :) Again, these monokins are show with the leg wraps, fluffies and thigh highs. For the pool or beach, just throw on some flip flops or cute wedges and you are good to go. These monokins are also perfect for EDC or as I said before, if you are wondering what to wear to a rave, any of these monokinis or rave rompers would be perfect!! For a rave or EDC outfit, you will want to include the leg wraps and leg warmers! 

This Roma Costume collection is going to be very popular!! Order your favorite rave outfit, EDC outfit, or sexy bikini today before they are sold you! You don't want to have to wait for them to come into stock again. Happy shopping loves :) I hope you love this Roma Costume collection as much as I do!!!

Just enter your email in at the top of my blog :) 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Rave Dresses

Hopefully everyone has their EDC tickets, or has plans to get them :) There are always fun raves going on and raves are always a great way to express your personality and style! I love the trend of wearing a dress to a rave! If you don't want to feel over exposed by only wearing a bra and panty set or a swimsuit, I suggest laying a dress over your bra or swimsuit! I'm going to share with you my favorite rave dresses! A lot of them are black light receptive - AWESOME!!! One of many amazing things about EDC, is that it is a 3 night event, so I suggest getting 3 unique outfits that are totally different from each other but equally amazing! Wear a rave dress to EDC one night, and I'll show you have to style and accessorize it!

This Seamless Strappy Tube Top Rave Dress is the ideal rave dress and is only $19.95! It covers you up in all the right places but has tons of sexiness with all the cut out and strap details! If it isn't too short on you, this dress can be worn as is. I think this rave dress would look amazing layered over a sexy bra set or bikini. The rave dress comes in hot pink or black, so depending on what color you go with make sure to wear a bikini underneath that will really stand out! A white bikini under the hot pink dress would glow in black light and make the hot pink really pop. Add some white fishnet thigh highs and your favorite pair of fluffies to complete the look! If you like the black rave dress, go with a neon colored bikini or bra set underneath. Click HERE for a cheap, but seriously amazing bikini, that comes in hot pink or turquoise!

Ever since I laid eyes on this rave dress I have been OBSESSED!!!! It is black light receptive and comes in black or hot pink and is $27.95! This rave dress has elastic neon straps all down the back and a solid black or hot pink front. You are definitely going to want to wear some rave panties under this dress. I would go for a comfortable pair of micro booty shorts in any neon color. Click HERE for my favorite ones :) This rave dress is the perfect amount of sexy and is seriously perfect for a rave! Again, it covers you up, while exposing a little of your sexy back side!

This rave dress is 2 items in 1 and only $27.95!!! This Fishnet Rave Dress has a sexy off the shoulder neckline and long sleeves. It is also black light receptive. This rave dress comes with the matching bikini! That is seriously a great deal :) I love this hot pink and silver set, but it also comes in a black rave dress with gold bikini. I would of course wear this rave outfit with some neon thigh highs, you could go with any color, I think white or neon green would look really cool! Click HERE for my favorite fishnet thigh highs that come in many colors!!

There are just SO many awesome rave dresses to choose from!!! The ones I have shown are just a few of the rave dresses that I think would be awesome for a rave. Click HERE to see them all :) This one, I really, really LOVE!  I'm a sucker for really girly things and anything made of lace! This dress is girly and flirty, but you can also jazz it up for a rave. This Lace Off the Shoulder Rave Dress comes in TONS of colors, these are 2 of my favorite colors because they are so unique.  Again, layer this lace rave dress over a bikini or bra set, and don't forget some thigh highs. I think am opaque pair, instead of fishnet, would be great for this rave dress. Click HERE for some sexy opaque thigh highs!

I hope you got some great ideas on what to wear to your next rave! As you can see, rave dresses are a great option and there are so many ways to accessorize them to make them rave ready :) Party safe loves!!!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Little Black Dress

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I'm one of those sappy, romantic, day dream-y, girls who loves anything to do with love and flowers, so naturally I'm a huge Valentine's Day fan! I'm blessed to have an absolutely amazing (and not to mention totally sexy) husband, but even if you don't have a husband, or a boyfriend, Valentine's Day can still be a great day for single girls as well!! Take it as an opportunity to spoil yourself, love yourself, and show off to your crush or other single guys how totally smokin' you are!!! The best way to do that?! Slip on one of these sexy little black dresses and head out for a good time!

If there is one thing that can NEVER, ever, ever be over rated or go out of style it is a Little Black Dress! Every girl NEEDS one!! You need a go-to LBD that flatters you in all the right places and goes perfect with your favorite pair of heels! A great little black dress doesn't have to be expensive either! I'm going to show you 3 amazing LBD's and all of them are under $30.00!!! No lie!
These dresses are versatile, can be dressed up, dressed down, worn with tights, worn with leggings, worn with a pair of sexy black high heels or booties, or make a statement by wearing a bight bold colored pair of high heels, such as hot pink, with these dresses!

This little black dress can be purchased by clicking HERE !!! It is only $27.90! Seriously, a steal! I love this LBD for many reasons! One, it has long sleeves, and where I live it is pretty dang cold, so any extra coverage helps :) I love the cutouts on the arms and thigh! It's a great way to show off your legs without having to wear a dress that is too short! I wore this dress with my favorite pair of black booties with spikes on them, and a flower statement bracelet!

Get this LBD by clicking HERE !!! This dress is amazing!! It's perfect for showing off that body you've been working so hard at and it's very flattering despite how revealing it is! It has a sexy deep v neckline and sexy side cut outs! It's comfortable and very stretchy. Another thing I love about this little black dress is that I didn't find myself adjusting it a lot. I could move around it very well and it would stay put! I hate have to always be adjusting my dress, pulling it down, twisting it this way, you know the drill! Surprisingly, this dress will stay put and you will be looking sexy all night!!

For this little black dress click HERE !!! This dress is incredibly figure friendly! The draping neck hides any imperfections you may be worried about while partying the night away! Despite how low the neckline is, the fabric from the dress stays in place very well so you don't have to worry about the girls peeking out ;) !! Both the sleeves have full ruching and there is a sexy rhinestone accent at the end of the drape neck. I paired this dress with the same spike booties as before, my favorite silver bebe watch and some gunmetal pearl bracelets!

I hope these dresses inspire you to dress up in a LBD on Valentine's Day! At less than $30.00 you may as well pick a couple of your favorites so you always have a sexy little black dress on hand!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

EDC Outfits and Ideas

As promised, here is another exciting post about EDC 2013 in Las Vegas!! If you haven't heard yet, or are wondering, or missed my earlier post, tickets go on sale on Monday! Layaway options are available :) Hope to see everyone there!!!

I want to be your One Stop Guide to all your EDC planning this year! One thing that is always on our minds is finding the PERFECT EDC outfit! Or the perfect 3 outfits if you want one for each night of the event! There are many ways to dress for EDC and everyone has there own unique style. I will do posts on all the popular styles and popular outfits that you can wear to EDC. This time I want to tell you about custom, unique, personalize, blinged out, handmade EDC outfits!

The following three bras can all be worn as EDC outfits or EDC costumes. They are hand made and designed using high quality swarovski crystals, lace, ribbon, bows, jewels, chains, rhinestones, studs, and sequins! Any of your ideas can be created and if you don't have a specific idea in mind, choose a color scheme you like (such as, lime green, hot pink and white) and we will do the rest for you! Now these are just 3 ideas that I created, the options with these bras are seriously ENDLESS!!!! And no one will have the same EDC outfit as you :) totally unique!!

We are excited to receive a special shipment of handmade Daisy flowers made just for us! They should arrive soon and all the colors will be available on our website. Buy them by one or the dozen to clip to your clothes, bra, or headbands! Or, have us design a bra for you and we will incorporate your favorite daisies! I can't wait to design a custom bra when they arrive. I'll post pictures when I do!!

Bling Me Out!!!

We all know I love jewels, sequins and sparkles! This EDC costume is the epitome of a gorgeous, yet flirty rave girl style! I made a matching sequin tutu for this set and wear the tutu over the matching panties! A sexy tutu can be made to go with any bra. I am really loving this tutu look that only goes about 3/4 the way around your waist. Again, all of these bras are customizable! Switch out the colors, pick and choose aspects of the design you like and change the ones you don't, and order them in any bra size!!

I Love Rainbows

Sometimes less is more! This bra is a little more simple and has not quite so many elements to it, but it is rave ready and rave perfect! Rainbow is practically the theme "color" of any rave! The great thing about this rainbow blinged out EDC outfit is you can accessorize it so many ways! You can wear a light weight, white button up shirt over it and tie the front in a cute knot if you want to be a little more covered up.  Wear any color of bottoms or panties with it! Wear it with cut off denim shorts for a sexy yet casual rave look! The possibilities are endless. I also think this would look amazing on a white bra instead of a black bra!

Flower Power

Like I said, I have a shipment of much larger daisy flowers in every color on its way, but I still really love the size of these cute flowers on this bra! The design is simple, yet so attractive and eye catching! I love this EDC bra! I wish I had somewhere to go wear it to right now :) !! 

As you can see, the options are possibilities are endless! There are so many creative things to do so that you are sure to stand out at EDC in your own uniquely designed bra! These bras are inexpensive and very affordable! If you are interested in one of these EDC bras or having your own made please email me! My emails come straight to my cell phone so I will respond to any inquires within 30 mins of receiving your email Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm MST.

If these bras aren't quite your style or what you had in mind for your EDC outfit, don't worry!!! I will be doing posts on all styles of outfits and we will be sure that you find something great for your EDC Las Vegas weekend!!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to put your tickets on layaway on Monday before they sell out!